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360 Water Jets

360 Water Jets

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💦 The Most Effective Water Jets On The Market! 

Why Get The 360 Water Jets? 
The 360 Water Jets is designed to make your life easier while keeping your grass and garden hydrated throughout the summer. You can efficiently water your plants with minimal effort and adjust the angles to cover very large areas!
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"The 360 Water Jets work very well! Since we don't have a sprinkler system installed we needed a sprinkler that can cover our entire backyard. Because I was able to adjust the angles on this sprinkler, it sprays water on my entire garden! Very pleased with my purchase!"
Satisfaction Rating: 4.9
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✔️ Give your yard maximum water exposure. Adjust the sprinkler nozzles to spray in any directions. 
✔️ Save water by adjusting the water intensity, size, and scope.
✔️ Can let the little ones play and cool down on sunny days.
✔️ Easy to install and easy to use.