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😍 The Perfect Tool To Easily Reach & Grab 😍

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Why Get The Grip & Grab? 
Grip & Grab was designed to help you easily pick up and grab objects in hard to reach places. Point the tool at the object you want to grab, squeeze the ergonomic handle and it will tightly grip the object. Above all, this innovative tool has a built-in LED light, jewelry hook, and magnet to help grab even the smallest hard to get objects! Join our growing community who easily Grip & Grab!
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"This grip and grab tool is what I've been looking for. I have back pains every now and then and this tool helps me reach things easier. Very convenient, and the handle grip is pretty tight. Also, the length is perfect. Great product."
Satisfaction Rating: 4.9
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✔️ Great reaching aid to reduce the strain on the back when bending and reaching for household items
✔️ Allows you to adjust the grabber based on the object
✔️ Designed from lightweight aluminum and rubber
✔️ Provides maximum reach without compromising on efficiency and comfort